Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Sometimes I feel like a puppy-dog tagging at the heel of great hounds, but I can't resist passing along a link to Daniel Drezner's Edwards roundup, via the indispensable Instapundit.

Why? Because I still believe that Edwards is the best, most honest choice for the Democrats in '04. He's pro-war, strong on offense, and hasn't joined the "yes, but" chorus like Clark or Gephardt or Kerry. He's got more personality than Lieberman, and he's to the left of Lieberman on cultural issues. Furthermore, he is rock-solid on the corporate issue, which has been largely forgotten in all the fussing about tax issues, steel tariffs, agricultural subsidies, and, oh yeah, the war. If we let up the pressure on the accountants and the CEOs, they're going to crawl back under ten thousand shady accounting rocks, to breed a hundred new Enrons for the next bubble to burst.

Work over wealth - hell, yeah.

Fair warning - there's precious little personality in that Edwards blog. The closest to it was the decent little note congratulating John Stewart & the Daily Show for Emmy wins. (I've not been paying attention - they won? Eh, good for them, I suppose.) On the one hand, my inner Democratic partisan says "candidates can't afford to be caustic enough to be amusing in a proper blog". On the other, my internal ex-Republican crank notes that Reagan managed to be pretty damn colorful back in the day. Of course, that might have had something to do with Reagan's B-actor training. Clinton could be colorful without being strained, as well. That might have been because Clinton was a frustrated ham of the highest pork, himself.

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