Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Porphyrogenitus has some commentary on an idiot opinion piece by a Boston College tool named Lewis proposing a new Hartford Convention in an utterly predictable display of Jane's Law in action.

Now, don't imagine that I'm in any way inclined to defend or excuse this idiot professor, but Porhyrogenitus invites would-be secessionists in passing to move to Canada if they want to live there. Perhaps he doesn't have any aging, hardshell leftists among his personal acquaintance, but I do, and I've been assured that both New Zealand and Canada are not inclined to accept older immigrants from the United States. I haven't gotten the full story, but the suggestion is that these countries don't consider the US to be oppressive, and thus would-be immigrants from the US don't pass the political hardship test; these leftists are also old enough and insolvent enough (on average) to not represent good candidates for citizenship by the standards of these countries. That is, they can't work their way towards acceptance, and they don't have the dosh to buy their way into the Promised Land's good graces.

Ultimately via Randall Robinson, who seems to have made the Jane's Law crack first. All the best lines are always taken!

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