Monday, September 15, 2003

A Slight Reactionary Fever

About the proud dwellings of Patriarchy Way
The penned cattle dreaming, for anarchy bray
Manors called Male Gaze and Transgressive Vigor
Muddy rows in sodden haze and possessive rigor
Dragged down to the swamp's edge
Last clear space, a muddy ledge
Laid without proper foundation
Upon the muck of ancient nations
In the shadow of the tower
Squalid slums will flower
Built with planked inferiority
Cured in hazy seniority
Straight in accomplishment
But soon to bend to resentment
Ten-penny nails of common contempt
To fasten theory to rage, the attempt
Where the nails give out, others will do
Catchphrase repetition like glue
Bailing wire of prejudice
Queer notions of dark bliss
Duct tape and shims
Half-forgotten hymns
Pop culture trash and randomness
Sad scrapings of the broken press
Clear plastic sheets, to cover windows darkly
Aluminum siding, to freeze and heat, starkly
A peculiar Manichean construction
The product of shoddy instruction
Yet another tumbledown shack, dreary
Is built in the slums of gendered theory.


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