Thursday, September 25, 2003

It's Carnival of the Vanities, chillun! And this week's theme is, apparently, 30s futurist iconography. Or possibly communist imagery. It's a little hard to tell.

As for highlights - hey! It's Bad Money again! He passes along s a first-class rhetorical skull-smashing of a troll by a peeved returning Iraq vet. The only part I object to is that he missed the catch on "working towards perfection". It would have been a good place to reference "towards a more perfect union". Not "perfect"; more perfect. The only thing I don't get is why "Waiting to be Born"? Sounds like a Yeats reference, but I don't get the relevance to the post...

Damn Foreigners demonstrates, yet again, who needs drugs when there's Californian politics?

angelweaving ran across a very wacky paean to the trials and tribulations of the oppressed redhead. I note that no-where is there mention of the old simile "beaten like a red-headed stepchild". For those redheads not feeling, y'know, sufficiently oppressed.

Tom Bux is on a "starve the beast" tear about the Turnpike. I don't know, I never drive the Turnpike, but then, I'm pretty far away from it up here in Centre County. Maybe if it was tempting me every day with it's expensive, clarion cash call, I'd be just as annoyed as Tom.

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