Wednesday, September 24, 2003

For chromal, who can't seem to conceive of spies without humanitarian hearts of gold, here's a recent NYT article on the two accused spies, via Tacitus. To your stated disbelief in "some badly written Hollywood war thriller screenplay" surprise assault on Camp X-Ray, please let me direct you to recent al Queda jailbreaks in Yemen and the Philippines which do, indeed, resemble bad Hollywood action films. The spectacular theft of computers containing vital anti-terrorist investigation data from a secured facility in Sydney last month resembles Alias more than anything else.

I would point out at this point that no single series of events in the last decade so greatly resembled a "badly written Hollywood war thriller" as the deliberate and theatrical hijackings of four airliners and their use against major American landmarks. Even the Siege didn't dare to go that thoroughly over the top.

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