Monday, September 22, 2003

Porphyrogenitus linked to a typical entry from Kim du Toit, a frothing moonbat if I've ever seen one.

(du Toit is a classic example of the paranoid style in action; his object fixee seems to be a die-hard NRA stance, mixed with a paleoconservatism stripped of the optional isolationism that sometimes comes with it.)

I found myself disagreeing with every other "attitude" on his "quiz". I also found myself disagreeing with every other "fact" he listed on his "second quiz". But really, that's how these sorts of rants are structured. It's the problem with attack-dogs like du Toit and the furies they retail; they mix valid concerns with unhinged partisan lunacy in an undifferentiated torrent in the hope that they might stampede the weak-minded over whatever ideological cliff they've invested in.

du Toit behaves as if he's attempting to convince, but those attempts are repellant to the intended audience, because they're made with phatic non-arguments that presuppose unity of opinion and purpose where there is not. That is to say, because I am pro-war, does not mean that I fear gay marriage, does not mean that I revere your self-selected right to heavy weaponry, does not mean that I believe blindly in "tax cuts, right or wrong", does not mean that I cherish the Bush administration's judicial appointments strategy, etc, etc, etc.

All this article is, in the end, is the Nth attempt to transform a perceived wedge issue into a political landslide.

I left the Republican party in an attempt to distance myself from people like Kim du Toit. It's highly unlikely that they're going to lure me back into the fold by fantasizing about hanging Democrats from lightpoles, don't you think?

UPDATE: Michael Totten is weighing in on the "are Democrats safe" question from the view-point of an actual pro-war liberal. I'm still reading it. More to come...

UPDATE II: That article turns out to be a prescription for making our enemies regret the "day of Bush's retirement". As a new-minted war Democrat, I rather obviously find this more to my taste than du Toit's urge to reinact the New York Draft Riots with leftists in the place of poor blacks...

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