Saturday, October 09, 2004

While I was at the College Republican table, a couple of frat boys came up and demanded to know if we'd give them beer in exchange for a promise to vote for Bush. I had to explain to them that such things are illegal, at least as I understand the subject. They went crankily off, and then came back fifteen minutes later, bragging that the Kerry people - presumably the College Democrats - had given them beer, you cheap Republican bastards, you. They went on, complaining and whinging, until one of the College Republicans, who was breaking down the helium tank apparatus that had been used to fill up "Corbett for Attorney General" balloons, "accidentally" sprayed them with helium. The frat boys wobbled off at that point.

That was about as exciting as things got, which is to say - pretty tame. People were generally nice. A surprising number of young women went "Woo! Bush!" as I walked by, with my Bush/Cheney lapel-sticker. He's more popular with female college students than I would have expected. I was wearing a Hawai'ian shirt, which, in its aged state, bears an unfortunate resemblance to a tie-dyed T-shirt. A number of folks commented on my "hippie appearance". I played to the gag - claimed to be a "Liberal for Bush".

On the subject of petty bribes for votes, I hear Michael Moore is showing up in State College on October 22nd, having been promised $30,000 by the College Democrats. Students, your Activities Fee money at work. If I was still a student, I'd be pretty pissed. But hey, evil socialist America-hating blimp alert. Save up your rotten fruit. Alternatively, there's some sort of counter-programming going on. More details on that later.

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