Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ahh, I've had a serious mad on for the last half-day or so. Lot of free-range fury in the air in this angry October. Folks on my side have developed a nasty tick about referring to "the other side", and I fear the opposition has developed calluses on their moral senses when it comes to petty political violence. Well, that doesn't mean we should reciprocate. If I find any of my fellow-partisans committing any vandalism, any real violence, I'm reporting them to the cops. The fruit stays home for October 22nd, and I apologize for the sharp-edged jest. I'll still show up - the First Amendment remains in effect, and I want to give that business-partner of Hezbollah terrorists a piece of my mind - but that's where it stops.

Maintaining civic decency has nothing to do with the behaviour of your opposition; it relates to your own party honour. The opposition is so worrisome because they are far too fond of declaring their allegiance to the methods of the devil in the struggle to oust the devil they know. Anyone with the slightest experience of dramatic irony can see where this line of thought is leading.

We may be dicks, but let's not become assholes, people. Do your part to keep the shit off the walls.

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