Tuesday, October 12, 2004

More fall anime...

Top o Narae 2, erroneously called "Gunbuster 2" throughout fandom for reasons involving the alternate name of the original Top o Narae which are too stupid to get into here, is not nearly as abominable as I presumed it to be, based on the character design sheets and the Japanese website. Of course, it's not really much at all like the original Top o Narae/Gunbuster. What it is, based on the first episode, is a FLCL-flavored comedic bug-hunt using designs lifted liberally from Giant Robo & Macross Plus, and backgrounds left over from Wings of Honneamise. There are interesting things going on, although a lot of that is counter-acted by the painfully cliche "Onee-sama! Onee-sama!" whining of the dim-witted, clutzy, supernaturally destructive protagonist. It's worth watching, I'll give it that. Mark me down "surprised".

How to Raise Kappas, on the other hand, is painfully unfunny, boring, and not worth my time, let alone yours. Come on, people - they're cute little supernatural asshole-vampires! How could you not find the funny in that? Somehow, they managed.

School Rumble came highly recommended by the crowd over at Megatokyo. Eh. It's mildly amusing, and it keeps up a sort of comedic momentum, which puts it ahead of Sensei no Ojikan in the "Azumanga Daioh knockoff" sweepstakes. I never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but there wasn't nearly enough of the juvenile delinquent protagonist, and too much of the doofus cute-girl protagonist. We'll see if they keep it up - it might be worthwhile, longterm.

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