Monday, October 11, 2004

That’s interesting - this Minn. Star Tribune article on how unimportant the sign-theft is, and how it’s all high-spirited teenaged petty crime, has this revealing moment:

The residents of one house on East River Road in Minneapolis have taken their Kerry sign and put it inside their door. On the lawn two signs have replaced it, saying: "They stole the last election, and now they stole my Kerry-Edwards sign! Vote Nov. 2."

See that? They took their sign in, and replaced it with a sign claiming the last one had been stolen. Now, this may just be a poor reporter’s inability to write up an anecdote properly. It may be that these Kerry-sign people have lost previous signs, and replaced their replacement sign with the complaint-signs. But that’s not actually what the Star Tribune, a liberal paper if there ever was one, reported.

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