Thursday, October 07, 2004

The majors (and here, and here) are starting to get into the surge in political vandalism, theft, intimidation, and petty political terrorism rumbling under the surface right now. For every incident you hear about, there's a couple hundred stolen, shot, defaced, or burnt Bush/Cheney signs not getting reported. I know my local paper, the CDT hasn't said boo about what's going on in *this* county as of this morning.

I've come across a few reports of destruction of Kerry signs. For that, read "that story, and a few 'both sides are doing it'" fake-neutral public-virtue bullshit stories.

But I haven't heard any stories of Republican mobs rioting in Democratic campaign offices yet, or of any shootings involving Democratic facilities, or Watergate-style break-ins at Democratic campaign offices.

One of the teenagers who burned swastikas into the yard of a Bush/Cheney supporter in Wisconsin complained that what he did wasn't "It wasn't terrorism; it was activism. It was for a cause.... The whole thing is, basically, I just wanted to get the word out there that in my opinion Bush isn't doing this country any good." When was terrorism ever inspired solely by malice, without any political intent? Child, terrorism is inherently political. Inherently "activist". Inherently "for a cause". You aren't any less a brownshirt because you've tie-dyed the brownshirt, any less a thug because you're wearing birkenstocks instead of jackboots, any less a fascist because you're wearing a Grateful Dead hat instead of a Stormfront t-shirt.

This is the turning-point; you fools have dipped one toe into dark and rushing waters. Think again. Real goddamn hard.

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