Saturday, October 09, 2004

Boy, I’m beat. Long day volunteering for the campaign. I’ve never really done the tailgate before - it’s insanely vast - makes the convention seem like a intimate family picnic by comparison. You don’t want to know how long it took me to find the College Republicans in that chaos.

There was a special showing of Team America at the Premiere 12 this evening. It’s not a movie I’d recommend to anybody, I don’t think. I laughed my ass off, but it was still a terrible, terrible, awful, lame, bad, bad bad movie. It was a mediocre South Park writ really large, with lame supermarionette animation rather than the usual paper cutouts. Basically, an extended excuse to mutilate various leftist film actors (and Hans Blix!), and to propound a scatologically themed political philosophy that proudly starts, “We’re dicks!” I understand that they were cutting the movie until late last week, trying to get all of the sex and scatological material down far enough to earn a hard “R”. What’s left still includes the funniest projectile vomit scene in film history, and a sex scene that can be best described as a “Barbie-doll Kama Sutra”. Don’t take your kids to see it, really. If you do, don’t tell anybody if you want them to respect you in the morning.

I was doing door-to-door in Park Forest this morning. It’s creepy - there are Kerry-Edwards signs everywhere, but the only Republican signs you see are for Lynn Herman. The campaign office people say that they’ve handed out three times more Bush/Cheney lawn signs than they did in 2000, and you don’t see them anywhere. A guy came in the office in the late afternoon, asking for signs to replace destroyed ones on his street, and they had to turn him away empty-handed because of the shortage. They aren’t bullshitting, folks.

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