Monday, October 11, 2004

Nice, brisk day yesterday, a bit cloudy, but about as good as you can expect in October. Other folks weren't too thrilled with the weather, but it's what I like about Pennsylvania in the fall. Everyone will look back at that kind of day with longing when the rains start, mark my words...

We did some door-to-door surveying in Boalsburg yesterday. I discovered that the call-lists we were given aren't exactly accurate on the subject of party membership - one particularly irate surveyee turned out to be some sort of big noise with the Centre County Democrats. Oops. On the plus side, one nice lady proudly reported that her son was the navigator on Air Force One. Little towns, you can never predict who or what you'll find in them.

No more Bush/Cheney signs in Boalsburg than in State College, and you'll never convince me that Boalsburg is a big Democratic town. I understand that the waiting list for yard signs is in excess of 400 for the State College office; they're waiting on a shipment sometime next week. Hundreds of reports of stolen or destroyed signs. I had to reassure one couple on my route that this was all phases of the moon; they were worried. But that error with the Democratic party official was reassuring in its way - the phone bank people were kind of disturbed about the responses they were getting from some folks; if the lists were liberally seeded with, well, liberals, then that would explain some of the lack of enthusiasm and outright hostility. I should say that this is just the phone bank people; I haven't had one harsh word on the door-to-doors; people have been cordial, or at least terse, in the case of the one tattooed gentleman in a Harley-Davidson t-shirt.

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