Friday, June 11, 2004

Why the hell would somebody want to do a Dirty Pair Flash for Gunbuster? The designs look more like Sora no Stellvia than the old Mikimoto specials of Gunbuster. Look, I'm not saying that Gunbuster was a particularly timeless or great anime, but this makes no goddamn sense. Hell, look at that - the protagonist is a washboard-flat ferret of a girl. The Gunbuster heroine was a healthy young girl with what might be the archtypical "Gainax bounce". Again, I'm not endorsing this; I'm just pointing out that it's a bizarre thing to do. There's an anthropomorphic villain - the original Gunbuster was a bug-hunt of Edmund "Worldwrecker" Hamilton proportions. I seem to remember that they destroy half the galaxy in the climactic battle.

Wait a minute. Maid costumes? Gunbuster was a sports-anime parody. What the devil does maid fetishism have to do with the Gunbuster concept?

I don't know. Maybe I underestimated the continuing otaku creds of Gainax. This smells like a particularly undisciplined doujinshi "tribute". It's a very fanboy sort of thing to do. Which is to say, it sucks in a creatively derivative sort of way.

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