Thursday, June 24, 2004

As I was eating lunch at the Bellefonte Wok - or, more accurately, reading a book while lunch digested, waiting for the blood bank people to open up for the afternoon - there was a sudden commotion in the restaurant, with the waiters and manager rushing around behind a grey-and-blue streak. It fled into the corner between the wall and the windows facing out on the street, and the shift manager said that it was a bird. While I was blithering about how they needed a good-sized bag to catch the bird without hurting it, a waiter emerged from the booth in question, a blinking little budgie held firmly in her hand. She had just reached out and snatched it barehanded. Well, I was impressed. I once spent a half-hour trying to catch a bird in a hospital basement with an empty laundry bag. The benefits of actual coordination and dexterity, I suppose.

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