Tuesday, June 08, 2004

More hand-wringing about scavenged and smuggled WMD elements found in Europe, in this case, Samoud-2 parts scrapped and sold to a yard in Holland.

I'm somewhat comforted that this stuff ended up in a Rotterdam scrapyard and not, say, in southern Lebanon. Let's hear it for the Invisible Hand, which apparently inspired somebody to convert weapons of war in a war zone into smuggled scrap metal for the world market. Yes, it drives folks to strip powerlines and steal sewer grates, but it also causes them to render sophisticated machines of death down for eventual conversion to substandard structural steel for some half-assed high-rise in Xian.

Unless, of course, the metal eventually ends up in the hands of a Ren Faire swordsmith intent on turning out a couple dozen more pot-metal swords destined for the walls of dens and parlors throughout the MidWest. Which would be a case of swords-into-plowshares into swords again. But hey - at least they'll be dull, right?

Via Command Post.

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