Wednesday, June 02, 2004

A US District Court Judge from northern California, Phyllis Hamilton, ruled in favor of a school district's social studies program which, as part of class activities called "Islam simulation", requires students to playact, to "become Muslims", including actual prayer sessions, including kneeling, facing Mecca, and reciting doctrinally correct prayer. The school district in question is Byron Union School District.

I was all set to doubt the provenance of the story, given the total absence of sourcing in that NewsMax article, when I found this WND article on the same subject, with some actual journalistic bells and whistles. I can't believe this is on the level. The activities are so clearly a form of proselytizing that I can't even put together a coherent devil's advocate case defense. Given the NewsMax article's lack of detail, I thought it possible that we were talking about some sort of private school with public funding, but the WND article makes clear that it's a public school district. Incomprehensible. Judge Hamilton is almost certain to be crucified on appeal. After all, this is in the 9th Circuit, home of the court which ordered the removal of God from the Pledge of Allegiance.

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