Saturday, June 26, 2004

I was aimlessly watching Fox, which happened to be getting ready for the Bush/Prodi/whoever-the-hell-runs-Ireland-these-days press conference. The studio talking heads were giggling at footage of the unprofessionally-late press corps running awkwardly to get into position, obnoxious anti-Bush protesters having delayed the press caravan on the way to the conference. Bush kept trying to make a joke out of his confusion over when the NATO summit is scheduled, but it came off like a particularly lame sitcom routine. Oh, well.

Prodi and Bush announced that they've agreed to bring the EU's planned GPS system, Galieo, into compliance with the American GPS system. That's excellent news - the Euros were playing Cold War Lite with the threat of an independent, incompatible Galieo system, due mostly to bad feelings left over from the Balkan interventions, when US military tinkering with GPS during campaign conditions caused all sorts of navigational chaos in the region. If they're talking about "compatibility", that probably means that they're going to send Euro satellites up with US-style GPS, in which the Euros would have control over them, thus removing the threat of the US turning off civilian usage of GPS in time of war. Killing civilian GPS access was a stupid tactic anyways, and the foreign militaries which have proven themselves capable of using GPS as a force multiplier can be counted on the fingers of a leprous amputee.

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