Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Yikes. I googled Edmonds and FBI, and found a trail of reputable articles about this woman's experience with the FBI. Apparently there was a fucking mole for Turkish intelligence censoring translations of wiretaps on the guy running a spy ring for the Turks in the State Department. This was in addition to the tool who runs the Middle Eastern languages translation, who apparently discouraged rapid translation by going through his too-enthusiastic employees' computers and deleting finished work after hours, and the above article's story of translators celebrating 9-11. I went on my Google search expecting to find that she was something of a wack-job or something, mostly because I'm pretty wary of FrontPage. The only thing I could find that was even remotely dodgy was anti-Semite nutjob David Irving's conspiracy theory based on the erroneous assumption that the country in question (some articles refused to identify Turkey due to FBI security requests) was Israel.

Initial tip via Roger L. Simon.

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