Monday, February 09, 2004

Tacitus has given us the second half of his discussion of Rwanda, specifically on what has happened since the 1994 genocide. It isn't a victorious story of redemption or retribution. He notes that the murderous Hutu Power genocides have been replaced by a tyrannical Tutsi junta, which indulges in one-off murder and minor oppression, justifying all by comparing their human evils with the overwhelming monstrosities of 1994.

Those who insist that the Israelis are trading on Holocaust-guilt to justify their sins ought to look to the Rwandan example, which illustrates clearly what that might look like, if it were to occur. When Israeli goons "disappear" dissident journalists in the dark of night, when they press Israeli Arabs into forced-labor corvees, when they hold 95%-margin elections, and then turn and exclaim, "how can you judge us, when you let the genocides kill our people!" - then, then will I allow you your denunciations of an alleged Holocaust-industry. Until then, spare me your insinuations.

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