Thursday, February 12, 2004

I got to thinking about the Senate campaign in Pennsylvania this year. Since I'm technically a Democrat, I probably ought to be thinking about what their candidates might have to offer against Arlen Specter. Unlike some Democrats I know, I don't really have anything against Specter; in fact, he's pretty much my kind of Republican - a moderate, secular Jew. Of course, the fact that he's one of only a handful of moderate, secular Republicans left in the Senate is a good part of why I gave up on the party last year. So, the Democratic Party would have to offer me somebody pretty special to lead me to ticket-balance & actually vote for a Democrat for Specter's seat. Let's see what they have on special.

Well, there's this guy, one Keith Seewald. I don't quite understand what the hell he's going on about, but it seems as if he's running to sabotage the Democratic nomination for the Senate seat, in a bid to support Specter by losing spectacularly. No, I'm not being ironic. Read the press release. He's running to lose, explicitly. Almost makes me want to vote for him in the primary, except that I generally have a policy against voting for fuckwits.

Congressman Joe Hoeffel, on the other hand, is a real candidate. He's the usual "yes, but…" Democrat – trying to sound tough on defense while still getting in those little "unilateral" digs. Can't stand his anti-free-trade bullshit, though. Overall, a typical "Well, duh!" candidate.

Huh. That seems to be it. Seems as if the reputable state Democrats aren't interested in going up against Specter. Either they think he's unbeatable, or else they quietly agree with Seewald. I may end up voting for the fuckwit this year. Well, it wouldn't be the first…

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