Monday, February 23, 2004

Andrew Sullivan has proposed a sunsetted war-tax on people making $200,000 a year, as an admission that he can't continue to "have it both ways" and endorse fiscal fiscal conservatism, the war, and tax-cuts. I'm wondering what the $200,000 represents - if he's being honest, it's because his income exceeds that number by some amount. Since I make considerably less than $30,000 a year, in order to be honest myself, I counter-propose that the war-tax be imposed progressively upon all taxpayers, and be negated solely by the earned income tax credit, which should exempt the real hard-luck cases.

Most of my charity money is going towards war-related incidentals, in one sense or another. I'm sure you've seen a hippy drive by with one of those obnoxious "wouldn't it be great if schools got all the money they needed, and the air force had to throw a bake sale to buy bombers". It was a favorite among "sensitive" boomers. Who knew that they'd make it come true once they got into positions of fiscal authority?

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