Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Much wailing and gnashing of teeth over 4Kids Productions' acquisition of Tokyo Mew Mew, and plans to rename it "Hollywood Mew Mew". Right. 4Kids is an amazing relic of the days when foreign products had to be domesticated five ways from Sunday before they could be passed gently into the tender collective psyche of our nation's youth. Bad juju, for sure.

But we're talking about Tokyo Mew Mew, people. Horrible magical-girl sentai show, the proverbial photocopy of a photocopy of a Xerox of a discarded carbon copy of the original. Remember how people used to make fun of Sailor Moon as a derivative, shallow, repetitive anime for the terminally brain-damaged? Shows like Tokyo Mew Mew elevate Sailor Moon to the status of undying Shakespearean elegance in the comparison. Hell, even piffle like Wedding Peach shine when put next to rubbish like Tokyo Mew Mew or Perfect Pitch Mermaid Melody. If ever a show deserved the tender regards of a 4Kids, it was Tokyo Mew Mew. If ever a batch of anime fans deserved the abuse of a 4Kids Productions, it would be the sort of repellant basement-troll that fancies Tokyo Mew Mew.

4Kids loses its shirt on a shit property, and Tokyo Mew Mew fans get exactly what they deserve - abuse and disrespect. Win-win, people!

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