Friday, January 30, 2004

You gotta love a guy whose secretary starts conversations with "Listen, asshole..." Joe Trippi makes me look like a people person in comparison. Of course, Carville has pretty much the same reputation... the only difference is that Carville actually wins campaigns. In retrospect, I can't imagine what inspires politicians to hire Trippi. The concentrated charisma of monumentally obnoxious egotism?

That article was proofread by a monkey, by the way. Every instance of "office" has been replaced with the word "once". Does GQ actually have any editors, or do they just put random relatives on the masthead?

"They're robocalling our ones," he moans. Their "ones" are the Iowans they've identified as absolutely, positively Dean voters (though it would turn out that they were absolutely, positively wrong on the number). He has just gotten a report from the field that Dean "ones" are getting bombarded with computer-generated phone calls telling them to make sure to caucus for Dean—then giving them the wrong address.
Who would do such a thing?
"Kerry," he snaps. "They're the only asshole snake campaign that would do it."

You know, when Republicans indulge in this sort of ratfucking, Josh Marshall is all over it. I don't remember him yelling about this. Do you? Of course, it could be Trippi's own cultist-slacker volunteers getting their call-sheets mixed up, and sending their people to the wrong places *by accident*. I wouldn't put it past the headcase loons the Deans apparently fielded in Iowa.

Hrm. This was written by a "Lisa Depaulo". I know it's sexist of me, but the article really read "male" to me. I guess it's just because you don't see many female writers doing gonzo, let alone political gonzo. The Gender Genie agrees with me – it gave the article a 6316/9086 male score.

Via Tom McGuire.

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