Friday, January 30, 2004

Demonstrating why you should never, ever take your political cues from performing artists, Moby endorses Al Sharpton. Notice how his criteria are entirely performative - Sharpton is well-spoken, gives a good performance, sounds good on the stump, the endorser "likes" him. Moby's reasons for endorsing his candidate are entirely presentational - how he comes across. No mention of Sharpton's career failure to get elected to so much as the borough council; no mention of his history of political blackmail, monumental dishonesty, nor his utility to the New York Republican Party as a racial spoiler against mainstream Democratic contenders. The only thing that matters is what kind of show Sharpton puts on - how much love he gives an audience.

Never trust an artist with your politics - for every Reagan you luck onto, you'll find yourself burdened with three dozen Sean Penns, Susan Sarandons, Errol Flynns, Mobys, or Babara Streisands.

Via Tacitus.

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