Friday, January 09, 2004

Murgh. Didn't intend to disappear like that, sorry. Bossman suddenly decided to demand that I, like, work for my salary. The nerve! So I was re-writing a user manual from cover to cover for the fourth or fifth time... Makework. Makes the world go round, it does.

I'm reading about six or seven books right now, once I finish the Blitzkrieg Myth I'll see if I can crank out a nice, thorough tap-dance on it's author's tiny little pin-sized skull. Reads as if one of those self-educated too-clever-by-half blowhards from the old alt.alternative.history.war newsgroup decided to write hisself a book, Martha. Full of proof-by-omission, mis-use of quotes, naked hero-worship and strawman molestation. The thesis is basically that J.F.C. Fuller and Gulio Douhet have much to answer for, and by god, they're gonna, if it's the last thing the author does. Bah.

In other news, Maison Ikkoku still rocks, if you can ignore Viz's subtitles, Utena is pretty nifty, and to judge from recent episodes of R.O.D TV and Godannar, there's some sort of microtrend in the offing in anime: childlike, brain-damaged ex-hotties as wards of our protagonists. Very odd.

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