Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Al Franken assaulted a LaRouchite heckler at a Dean rally. You can't make this shit up, people. Not that I blame him too much. LaRouchites would try the patience of a saint, let alone your average hair-trigger pundit.

I got some email from a LaRouchite challenging me to a debate a week or two ago. At first, I thought this challenge had come out of the clear blue, until I remembered an offhand comment I had made on Command Post last summer, questioning whether the solicitation of campaign funds for a presidential run by a convicted felon wasn't some sort of fraud. I still can't believe that the LaRouchites are back. I would have thought that they'd be objects of Cold-War nostalgia, like the Hare Krishnas they used to share airport terminal soapbox space with.

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