Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Ben "Chromal" Hauger emails a link to a fairly cool London art project: a pink tank.

Tres cool. I wonder why there was a T-34/85 parked in the middle of London? Where the hell did it come from? They don't identify what it is in the accompanying text - it's a late-war Russian tank from WWII - a T-34 with a bigger turret & a high-velocity 85mm gun. So far as I know, the British never got any of them, unless it's a capture from Korea or the Suez War.

I mean, it could be a Bob Rector-type collector's tank, but why would somebody put tens of thousands of dollars into importing a tank and then abandon it in the middle of London? To judge from the "before" pictures, it was a rusting, abandoned grafitti-magnet.

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