Monday, January 19, 2004

Quoth Fred Ramsey:
Spring Creek Slammers'

February Poetry Slam



Zeno's Pub

State College, PA

Slam Host: Dora McQuaid

Featured Poet: Fred Ramsey

Cover Charge: $2

Competition Fee: $3

Cash Prize Awarded to Winner

The Spring Creek Slammers are members of Poetry Slam Inc and our slams are run according to National Poetry Slam rules:

Please come prepared to perform three different original poems.
You will have three minutes to make your presentation without incurring a time penalty.
Competitors will be judged on both the quality of their poetry and on the quality of their performance.
No props permitted.
Note date change.

We will be hosting this slam on the second Sunday in February because of Super Bowl activities at Zeno's.

Please note that attendance at the slams is somewhat erratic. On the plus side, they had a really good, big slam at First Night. On the minus side, the regular sessions have been heavier on the bull session than mike time. I haven't written anything since the spontaneous poetry thing at First Night, anyways, so I'll probably be just listening this time around...

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