Thursday, March 23, 2006

This is pretty harsh. An Iraqi doctor in Kirkuk was a member of an insurgent cell, and under the chaos of emergency-room chaos in a violent city, managed to kill dozens of wounded Iraqi soldiers and police by lethal injection over a nine-month period before his cell leader was captured and ratted him out. Let me repeat that one - he was caught because his line-of-command was captured. If not, he'd still be murdering helpless wounded soldiers while pretending to be a hard-working, selfless professional. "Insurgent" really seems to be the wrong term of art in cases like this. "Serial killer" seems more appropriate.

But keep this in mind the next time you see an outraged quote in the paper from an Iraqi morgue attendant or doctor. The enemy aren't all street scum, drug addicts and bearded lunatics. Some are a more subtle species of monster.

Via the Iraqi Coalition Casualties aggregator.

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