Monday, March 20, 2006

Gah! Somebody bought a crate of Nestle-brand water "to serve at conferences" here at work. First of all, it's unnatural to have the name "Nestle" on a bottle of water. Nestle is chocolate, not fru-fru bottled water, bedamme! Secondly, this is Bellefonte. Note the derivation, beautiful spring. The whole town gets its water from a vast roaring beast known as "the Big Spring". Not only is the town water taken from a pure mountain spring, it's bottled and sold as such. We get spring water on tap in this town! To pay per bottle for it is nigh on blasphemy!

Speaking of blasphemy & water bills, the borough delivered the water bill for February for the church across the street to my box on Saturday. Fifteen days late & to the wrong address - way to go, post office!

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