Monday, March 06, 2006

Nothing much going on, somebody on the Con's staff has had a massive brain fart, and I'm halfway worried that I might find it necessary to go down to the meeting on Saturday, which I had rather preferred not to, if at all possible... Ran into Jason Gullickson while we were both out walking yesterday afternoon, and we went over to the Union Cemetary neighborhood to take some photos of the distinctive Victorian-era architecture along High Street and Howard Street on either side of the cemetary. At some point I hope to get ahold of the images & put together a bit of something. Later in the week, possibly.

I've been mostly sitting around, watching old anime. Irresponsible Captain Tylor, notably, thinking of the late Jeff Thompson, and wondering how it is that someone so young died so unexpectedly. I kept waiting for someone to post about how it was all a stupid, sick joke of the sort fans historically have been guilty of playing on each other.

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