Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My friend Ben is moving to Denver today. We were helping him haul stuff down to the car & trailer, and moving his abandoned furniture down to the curb. About the only good thing about friends moving away is the opportunity to scavenge decent furniture from their abandons. I finally got rid of that couch with no back legs in exchange for one with, y'know, legs. And a shelf. You can never have enough shelving.

Ben is hauling whatever will fit into his little Civic hatchback & the biggest trailer that U-Haul would rent him. It's got a "45 MPH" limit sign on it, but he's talking about taking the interstates to Colorado. I told him I'm worried about that big trailer flipping his little car if it gets wobbly. Not exactly the best time of year to be driving cross-country, either. Be careful, Ben.

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