Thursday, May 12, 2005

Well, that was fun. History day judging is over; I think both the papers and the documentaries were better this year than last, at least on average. Jeffery Wert, the Civil War historian from Centre Hall, was one of the other judges I was working with yesterday, and we had a discussion about various CW writers and books in between the interviews with the students. He suggested I come to the next Civil War Roundtable meeting, and gave me the details - I think I will. There was a gentleman named Bruce Teeple who was talking about his research on bootleggers and moonshining in northcentral PA during prohibition, and a popular rogue named Farrington. He's working on a book, which sounds interesting - but a few years away from publication from what he was saying.

Went on a walk around campus before coming back. Campus continues to grow like a cancer. I got a closer look at those new residence halls on the east end of campus, and damned if I'm not tired of that slapdash applique-sheet style of fake-brickery. It looks like hell, and I can't help but think that the sheets are going to be peeling like tar-paper in twenty years.

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