Thursday, May 26, 2005

I play around a lot with Amazon's recommendations wizard. It's kind of fun to see what comes up as I click through the owned and not-interested options. But it's kind of irritating that they don't have a "read but not bought" option. I mean, I've read Coddington's book on the Gettysburg campaign, but it was a library loan. As I get older and (relatively)richer and most importantly, more forgetful, this particular category has dramatically shrunk to the point of irrelevance, but still and all - what should I do, lie and claim that I have a copy of every library volume I've ever read?

Put down the dosh for Ness's volume on field fortifications. Looks interesting. But this is getting as expensive as a powder cocaine habit. It's eating up the money I used to spend on anime DVDs...

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