Monday, May 16, 2005

Came in this morning to an avalanche of what looks like German neo-Nazi political spam cut with the usual array of garbage. It's confusing my spam filters. No, I don't want to hear about Dresden or the horrible Turk, Adolf.

Reading Nosworthy's Bloody Crucible of Courage. Very interesting, but written in a very amateurish style - even more poorly edited and proofread than the Beatie - the author has peculiar and intense ideas about the use of the word "nonplussed" - and utilizes the single most annoying style of endnoting I have yet encountered. Instead of using the usual numbered superscripting, the endnotes are identified in the back of the book by the first three or so words of the paragraph to be noted, followed via ellipsis with the last three words or so. Deciphering which endnote goes with which paragraph is entirely too much of a puzzle for my purposes. Endnotes are supposed to clarify or cite, not confuse and occult.

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