Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tim Reese, a local tour guide from the South Mountain area who's written a controversial, interesting-looking book on Crampton's Gap I'll have to look into one of these days when I have the time, has sent an email explaining that Mr. Harsh, although having planned to write a companion series of volumes on the summer 1862 "overland campaign" from the Union perspective, has suffered a debilitating stroke, and his plans have been curtailed by medical concerns. Both Mr. Reese and Dimitri Rotov have indicated that the projected trilogy is "in limbo". I'm very sorry to hear of Mr. Harsh's ill health, and wish him all the best.

Meanwhile, the History Day judging is coming up quickly, and I've got papers that I've got to be going over. This year's theme is "Communication in History: the Key to Understanding", and so far, it's produced an impressive tidal wave of Kennedy Administration papers.

Update: Dimitri Rotov's extensive commentary on Mr. Reese's book on the strategy of the Maryland campaign, High-Water Mark: The 1862 Maryland Campaign in Strategic Perspective, is here. Dimitri Rotov's blog output is so prodigious that I had trouble finding the reference. Thanks to Mr. Reese for the pointer.

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