Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Oh, for the love of Zod... George RR Martin finally finished A Feast of Crows - delayed since 2002 - but only by dicing it into character-arcs, dividing them into two piles, and publishing the ones that are finished. Not cutting the *story* in half - literally telling half of the characters' stories. Sounds like he's doing it geographically, which means that we aren't going to get our Arya, Tyrion, and Daernys fixes until Martin finishes the orphaned half, which inherits the title Dance of Dragons, which was supposed to be the title of the *next* book. The Song of Ice and Fire is going to at least seven volumes, assuming that Martin can get his narrative under control, since each previous volume has been bigger than the last.

Almost two weeks after I cancelled my four-years-old pre-order with Amazon for the book, too. Damnit.

Via Professor Bainbridge, who is rapidly turning into my go-to guy on fiction. He isn't a book-blogger, but the stuff he mentions is invariably important.

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