Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Sigh. Den Beste's watching anime again. Nothing drives me further up the wall than people mis-identifying fanboy shows like Sakura Wars as "shoujo".

Repeat after me:

Shoujo is written for girls. If it won't appeal to a teenaged girl, it isn't shoujo.

Girls don't actually have a great deal of interest in harems full of cute young buxomy girls. They also don't have much interest in harems full of girls organized by fetish catagory - glasses-girl, lolita-little-girl, miko-girl, big butch girl, elegant girl, etc. As these sorts of shows go, Sakura Wars isn't particularly egregious - I wouldn't classify it as "galfelch". But it by damn sure is not shoujo.

If you want the shoujo equivalent of a Sakura Wars, I direct your attention to Sayuki, or Weiss Kruez. See that? Lots of cute, ectomorphic guys. Same thing with Fruits Basket or Pretear. Pretear, especially.

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