Monday, May 24, 2004

I sort of sat in on a meeting of that non-profit thing I do last Saturday. Spent most of the "meeting" playing heads-up poker with Dave A., who came down with me to Baltimore to meet friends at the meeting. None of the people we were expecting showed up, which made it something of a bust for Dave. I talked with Jessica, and won about two bucks off of Dave at penny-ante, so it wasn't exactly a wasted trip. Jessica had a grand array of dragonfly photos from the lake out back of her place , (here's a few) and was far more interesting on the subject than the tedious details of the meeting proper. We got a couple of dirty looks thrown our way for being noisy during the reports, which went on forever. Jessica - are you going to write up those photos? I think it would make an interesting article for your website.

One guy was playing the ass in the back, near where I was seated. He was clowning around about how TPTB were warning people to keep an eye out for folks wearing heavy coats or jackets in warm weather with backpacks, and showing off his big jacket and backpack. My response was that never has a nominally innocent party more richly deserved the mistaken incarceration he was courting.

People, please do not mock and bait the gentlemen and ladies who protect us. Their job is hard enough without having to deal with the obstructionist wit of the truly witless.

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