Monday, May 31, 2004

The Cruisin' Cafe, a Fifties-themed joint on Allegheny Street a block down from the courthouse, has gone out of business. They had passable sandwiches, and excellent peanut-oil-fried cheese fries. I don't think they quite made it to the one-year-mark as a business. They were a little expensive for Bellefonte, but the help was friendly. I was talking with the cook at another bistro further down Allegheny Street about the closing, and the whys and wherefores. She thought that they over-capitalized and over-hired. They had seven waiters and three cooks, she said with some derision. I don't know... the Bellefonte Wok across the street has more employees, but that's a pretty hopping, well-located place, well within view of the courthouse and its incidental business.

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