Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Mark Sachs links to a call for a turn towards the positive that I can get behind.

I've enough of analysis,

We are too much in death, and too little in life.

Tell me of Trump and Stewart;
Praise great builders and men of vast ego.
Find me men of great passions, great flaws
and great ambitions
I would have an end
Of critics and academics -
Show me poets and the pragmatic.

Give me the progenitors
The families,
Fathers, and mothers.
We are too much in isolation.

Lead me towards the joyous crowd,
I would be a multitude.
Put my hand to the hammer,
I would be a builder.

Babel is demolished
Not one brick stands on another
The materials scattered
Across the solemn face of the land
Let us now bring them back together.

I am tired of mourning rubble
Let us build new towers.

Along those lines, have you seen this about the newly-formed "Community of Democracies" caucus for democracies in the UN? I can't remember which blog I saw this news, but it's a vital first step in re-building the UN in a form closer to the original notion. I especially like the idea that it won't supplant the UN as a meeting-ground. We've been talking about this notion – it's good to see diplomats implementing it.

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