Monday, March 08, 2004

A friend from my days with PSSFS called last night. He's an animator who's been trying to break into the business for a couple of years now. He was happy to report that he had gotten some freelancer work with Disney. I was trying to explain blogs and livejournals to him. He had gotten in some hot water with a girl he knew, who had pointed him towards her livejournal for something or other, and had gotten paranoid and angry when he proceeded to read the whole thing. My best guess was that she had intended to render private certain portions of it, and had failed to do so, and he ended up reading "personal" material. I noted that blogs and livejournals are normally treated like newspapers - irrelevant after the sell-by date. I certainly don't bother to back-read on newly-encountered blogs unless there's something on-going, like the DKR discussion going on down below, or creative material, like Frank J.'s In My World serial.

Oh, speaking of livejournals, Mark Sachs directs our attention towards the livejournals of the rebellious, gothy spiritrover and her bubbly, giggly sister, opportunitygrrl. I envy them - I'd like to be able to put an entire planetary diameter between me and my demonic sister.

Update: speaking of putting distance between relatives, here's Voyager 2 and Voyager 1, both of them competing to see who can hit the Bow Shock first. Well, Voyager 2 is competing. Voyager 1 is more interested in complaining about just how far away everybody is, and how hard it is to hear us. While I'm at it, here's Cassini complaining about all the stuff NASA weighed her down with, and bragging about all the planets she's visited during her gravity-sling boosts in the inner system. Er, I think Cassini's a girl. Everybody on livejournal sounds a little girly - I think it has something to do with the standard post layout.

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