Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Allahpundit pointed to a foul bit of business in the guise of a poem in memory of Yassin. Here's my response:

How many monsters
Dead-eyed malignant
Death-demanding, dreaming
Hating, plotting, planning
Might still hide under
Holy robes and the sacred bar?

Truth and lies
Mere debate material
Can they
Blanch the bloody hands
Of the cripple who sent
Children to die in his stead?

Truth? Who gives a damn for truth
While the simple youth stands
In a concrete killing ground
A bomb strapped round
A healthy body
A weak mind
By those willing
To sacrifice his weakness
For their hoped strengths.

Water is not holy.
Land is not holy.
The sacrificers of children
How can they be holy?

Suffer the children to come to me
How dare you build
Your self-sung sanctity
On the betrayed flesh
Of someone else's child?


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