Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I'm some sort of idiot. Apparently the New York Times *is* covering the Syrian situation. (See also this unsigned AP article here.) But you had to dig to find it - they aren't doing anything radical like, say, putting it on the front page. Presumably it's somewhere in the back of the print edition. Both articles make it sound like garden-variety ethnic rioting.

Al Jazeera says that the violence is continuing, with eleven more dead.

The Daily Star, which publishes in Syria-occupied Lebanon, is reporting the "unrest", with a pro-government spin, of course. That's sort of impressive - they have to step lightly around the Syrians in Lebanon.

The Boston Globe has the AP article, and credits it to an Albert Aji.

Here's the BBC.

Fox has another unsigned AP article from the 13th about the initial riots.

BTW, the columns of smoke reported from over the Turkish border are supposedly barns on fire, according to that Aji AP article.

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