Friday, March 12, 2004

I haven't really said anything here about the Madrid horror because I haven't had much to add on the subject. I've left comments on a number of blogs to the effect that I believed it to be an ETA affair rather than an al Queda operation. John at Iberian Notes has a list of compelling reasons why he thinks it's the ETA, rather than an al Queda outrage. Later on, he notes that a cadre of ETA terrorists left for Iraq in May of last year, and that most of them have since returned, and suggests that the ETA is a full-fledged member of the al Queda apparatus, which he calls "Terror International". Folks have been warning of a new "Black-Red" alliance of cryptofascists. The mixed signals on the Madrid slaughter mean that we're looking at the first fruits of that fascist union.

I won't condescend and claim that we're "all Spaniards now". If we weren't before, we aren't now. We're all human beings, and that's a stronger tie than nationalities. Even the miserable, monstrous shits who did this are people. Solidarity isn't much more than a modulation of air and ink. If you haven't yet done so, give a commitment. IRA, FARC, ETA, PKK, MEK, Tamil Tigers, PLO, the many-headed Islamist hydra - they're all terrorists. I don't give a fuck about their causes. Don't sympathize - outlaw them; cut off the wolf's head.

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