Thursday, December 04, 2003

We were out to lunch this afternoon, when Chromal announced that he had heard a rumor that Bush was about to announce another "put men on the moon" program. I told him that was highly unlikely, because of our current commitments, lack of money, and NASA's pos-Columbia state of disorder, disorganization, and disarray. I think I managed to convince him. What did I find, upon returning to the office? Confirmation from Fox News, via Glenn Reynolds, that administration officials were, indeed, plotting that very thing. Bloody wonderful.

Is it my imagination, or is Bush the Younger doing his very best Jack Kennedy impersonation? It's as if he took Lloyd Bentsen's swipe at Dan Quayle as some sort of personal challenge. Somewhat disappointing scion of an ambitious, sprawling, New England political dynasty? Check. Idealistic democratic boosterism? Check. Controversial religious beliefs that Eastern political elites find suspicious or politically dangerous? Check. Massive tax cuts? Check. A fondness for aggressive foreign policy, Special Forces, covert operations, and military interventions? Check.

Moon program? I guess so.

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