Monday, December 15, 2003

Here's a blogger reviewing manga that he hated.

I'm disturbed to hear that the third volume of the Battle Royale manga is such a step downwards in quality. I was fascinated/horrified/mesmerized by the first volume, and I was planning on getting the rest of the volumes. Now I'm not so sure about the whole thing. It's entirely possible that I could just resolve the impasse by watching the movie, but I was sort of enjoying the manga approach to the story.

I have to agree with the blogger's evaluation of Sanctuary. It was a solid premise - survivors of the Cambodian holocaust vowing to conquer Japan from both the political and yakuza ends of the respectability spectrum - sabotaged by a casual, brutal misogyny and a soppy sort of homoerotic sentimentality.

I might make this blogger a regular read. Seems to have it going on about manga.

Via Crazy Kimchi.

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