Friday, December 05, 2003

I was googling for a definition of "Craftsman bungalow", when I came across this site about American architectural styles by a professor from Northern Arizona University. He must have lived in Centre County at some point, because an inordinate number of his pictorial examples are from either Lewistown, Bellefonte, or State College. He's got pictures of the better part of Bellefonte's Front Street and the courthouse square scattered among a half-dozen pages. The Brockerhoff House is used to illustrate Second Empire. The rowhouses along either side of the courthouse square are there, illustrating Georgian urban styles. He used the ugly brick Methodist church across the street from my apartment as an illustration of Gothic Revival. (Why he didn't just take a trip down to Pittsburgh and use any of the dozens of better, grander examples of Gothic Revival - like the Cathedral of Learning, or the Heinz Chapel - is beyond me.) One of our systems people here at work lives in a back apartment in the building shown in illustration #5 for Queen Anne; that's the Reynolds place in #2, I think.

Oh, Craftsman bungalows? #1 - State College.

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