Sunday, December 14, 2003

I flipped over to the news earlier today, and I think I woke my neighbors with my cheers. It's days like today I wish I had a god I could thank for the bounties put before us. Glorious day, glorious day. Jeff Jarvis is all over it, I'm not about to try and do any linkage with Jeff, the Command Post and Instapundit on the case. I have to agree with Glenn Reynolds' private correspondents - there's something definitely off about NPR's response to the capture. They were using that funereal dirge that they had composed after 9/11 and used to play during the war in March and April. A lefty friend asked me if I'd prefer a jaunty Sousa march; why yes, yes I would, now that I think on it. Bad things may come; still, this itself is a reason to celebrate.

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